Sunday, August 2, 2020

Our start to a self-sufficient garden_With Cass Week 3

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In the last few weeks we started cleaning and fixing up our greenhouse. We planted a few different veggie plants. We also planted potatoes outside of the greenhouse, if you haven't read last weeks blog you can go and read it here:
I'm so glad to say that our greenhouse is starting to look so amazing with all the veggie plants. This week we had a slow week there were lots of cold day's. I really do not like planting when it is so cold. Usually on those days we spend most of our time inside, folding small little seedling boxes we plant in, we use quite a lot. I will do a blog about the paper boxes and all the seedlings.

This week we started off by planting lettuce, we bought a few lettuce seedlings trays from a plant nursery. I have sowed lettuce seeds but, it's going to be a while until they are ready to harvest. That is why we got lettuce that is almost ready for harvesting.
These are mixed butter lettuce. These are one of the lettuce types we use a lot. We have planted them in old bath tubs, that we have from doing renovations.

We have also planted some strawberrie plants. We will definitely be planting a lot more strawberries. I have planted some strawberry seeds, some of them have already germinated in a few weeks. I will show you guys how they look.
When my grandparents first moved into this house. My grandmother had this rock bedding built, she always had flowerd growing there. The last few years she hasn't been planting there. So I decided that I am going to plant all kinds of veggies there.
As you can see there are a few beddings and all of them are different sizes. The veggies that I will be planting there are as follows; cauliflower, spinach, strawberries, some beans and kale. I'm thinking about planting some climbers as well. I will just have to workout the spacing.

I've decided that I'm going to plant onions all around the garden. Onions have a strong smell, that helps to keep bugs away. I regrow the onions from the onions we use in the house.

At the moment we are busy taking down all the 2L bottles that are hanging from the greenhouse roof. We are going to fix them and put new potting soil in them. We are also busy covering all the plants with leaves. You will see those photo's in next weeks blog.

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