Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pizza balls _with Cass

Hey guys
Welcome back to my blog
If this is your first time reading my blog
Welcome to the blog

I am Cass

In our household we are always looking for something new to make,
or just to try out some new recipes, whatever the case may be.
It all comes down to I LOVE COOKING and my family has to eat it. 

About 3 weeks ago I had one of those days were I wanted to 
make everything but nothing sounded great. That morning 
when I woke up and started thinking about what I was going 
to make to eat, the only thing I could think of was pizza, 
I then started thinking how I am going to make pizza it is difficult, 
because our colestoves oven is really tiny, just to give you an 
idee we can only fit a 27cm by 18cm baking pan in the oven. 
I then decided on Pizza balls I have seen recipes of them 
on pintrest. So I decided to make them. I just used my usual 
pizza recipe to make them.

What you will need is :

- A small bowl
- A mixing bowl
- A oven pan / baking pan
- Wooden spoon
- Mesuring cups
- Cooking spry
- A pan


- 3 cups Flour
- 1 pack Yeast
- 1/2 tbsp Sweet basil
- 1/2 tbsp Origanum
- 1 cup Water Luke warm
- 2 tbsp Olive oil
- 1 tbsp Sugar
- 1 tsp Salt
- 1 tsp Pepper
- 250g cheese
- 250g Bacon

Now that you have your ingredients let's start with the steps, 
Once again there is alot of photos just like in my Honeycomb 
blog. There will also be alot more photos in my Cass star plate blog.

Step 1.

In a small bowl add the pack of yeast, 1 tbsp of sugar into the 
1 cup of Luck warm water. Stir it a couple of times just to 
get everything mixed together.


While you wait for the yeast mixture, You can start with the
next few steps 

Step 2. 

In a mixing bowl you can add the 3 cups of flour, 1/2 tbsp 
of sweet basil, 1/2 tbsp of origanum, 1 tsp of salt and 1 tsp 
of pepper mix all these ingredients togheter. 

Now you have to check on the yeast it takes about 5-10 
minutes. I usually wait until it is fully bubbled and doubled 
in size . Once the yeast is ready you can start with the next 
step, if you are not sure about the yeast here are some photos to help.

Step 3.

Add the 2tbsp of olive oil to your yeast mixture. 
Slowly mix the oil and yeast together. Once that is 
done you can start adding the yeast oil mixture to your flour 
mix and start mixing it .

Sometimes when you start mixing the batter it will look like 
it needs more water then you can just add 4 tbsp of water 
that is exactly what I did and it worked. 

Step 4.

When you're mixture starts to form a dough put your spoon 
one side and start using your hands , you will need to fold 
the dough into each other a few times until it's all smooth 
and together, form a ball with the dough in the middle of your 
bowl. Rub a little oil over the dough. Set it aside to raise 
until it has doubled in size.

It all depends on how hot it is. Heat plays a big role in helping 
your dough to raise. The hotter it is the quicker your dough will 
raise. I didn't use time to determine the raising period, when it 
is doubles in size it's ready to use. 

Step 5. 

While your dough is raising, you can start preparing 
everything else. First of all you can start cooking the 
bacon, the easiest is to use diced bacon or you can just cut 
the bacon into small pieces. I used 250g bacon it all depends 
on how much filling you want to put into your pizza balls. 
Once the bacon is done you can cut the cheese into small 
blocks, Remember to spry your oven pans with cook in spry.

More or less when you are done with all the preparing. 
Your pizza dough will be ready

Step 6.

At this point you can start to pre heat your oven.

Step 7.

The size of your pizza balls are all up to you. Start by 
taking the amount of dough you want to use per pizza 
ball and flattening if out in your hand, then start by 
adding the bacon and cheese in the middle of the dough. 
Close your pizza ball by squeezing the ends together. 
Set them down in your oven pan until your pan is full.

Step 8.

When your oven is full of pizza balls it is ready to go into 
the oven for 10-20min until it is golden brown.

And there you go , you have perfect pizza balls

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Kelly~Diane said...

These sound delicious. I definitely want to give these a try myself.

Eddie said...

These look great, thanks for sharing the recipe

Addy said...

I can slather these pizza balls in sauce. These are great for watching a game on tv and munching. Thank you for sharing. - Addy from

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