Saturday, July 18, 2020

Our start to a self-sufficient garden_with Cass Week 1

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I am Cass.

My dad is really into homesteading, vegetable gardens and making our own home made produce.
Growing up I always remember getting fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden. I truly think that, that is one of the main reasons that one of my future goals is to be self-sufficient.

I have decided that being back in the city, is not going to stop me from having my own vegetable garden. A year ago my grandfather had a greenhouse built to plant veggie, we used it before we moved.

You can just imagine how it looked after 7 months where nobody took care of it.

So I am going to take you along with me while we convert this greenhouse into a self-sufficient garden. This is my first year taking over the gardens.
It's only Sam and I that's working in the garden. Here are some photo's of how the greenhouse looks at the moment. I forgot to take photo's before we started with the beetroot bedding. When we started I remembered to take some photo's.

The first thing we did was cleaned and worked the soil of the first garden patch, so we could plant the beetroot. I started the beetroot seeds in a plastic container, once the seeds were all sprouted and the leaves were a good size, I started planting them in the soil. The whole process from when I put the seeds in a small container till they were planted into the soil takes about 20-30 days.

 If you look at these photo's you will see that the beetroot seedlings are individually planted in the black shields. Shields help to protect the beets and any other root vegetables from cut worms. After we cleaned out the garden patch for the beetroot, we started at one point in the greenhouse and just started cutting all the dead plants off and pulling them out of the soil. There are a few places where the top structure of the greenhouse broke, so we untied the bottles that were hanging from them. We will be fixing them in the next week or so.

We have some spinach plants that survived. We replanted them all into two different garden beds, I will be planting radish in between the spinach. You will see that the spinach plants are pruned, we pruned them because nobody harvested them so the were eaten by bugs.   

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Vinn said...

This is cool! Cheers to growing food! I have a similar article about this two weeks ago. Currently we are harvesting almost a dozen of zucchinis every week and we are waiting for our tomatoes to be ready.

Britt K said...

It looks like a lot of work, but completely worth it! I would love to have a greenhouse. We have a small shed in our yard right now that is starting to fall apart a little bit. While my husband would love to replace the shed, I'd rather move everything into the garage and build a greenhouse there when the time comes for the shed to come down!

ColourMeTravel said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hey Vinn.

you can send your article to me on Insta or twitter
I would really love to read it.

I cant wait for our first harvest.

Love Cass

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hey Britt K

That sounds like a great idea,
I hope you can convince your husband
to build a green house. You can also
turn the shed into a green house.

Love Cass

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hey ColourMeTravel

I will be sharing a lot more

Love Cass

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