Saturday, July 25, 2020

Our start to a self-sufficient garden Week 2

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In last week's blog we started our journey towards a self-sufficient garden. We replanted all our spinach plants, we also planted beetroot. You can go and read that blog; Here
This week we started of by planting radish. I planted the radish the same as the beetroot. I firstly planted the seeds in a small container and replanted them into the ground. For radish this process took about 10 days. I've found that radish germinates really quickly.
We planted the radish in-between the spinach. Radish grows quick so they wont be in the way of the spinach. As you can see in the photo's, I've covered the radish with crushed leaves. It helps protecting the seedlings against the cold.

About 6/8 weeks ago we sowed our first batch of seeds. This week we planted the first 30 spinach seedlings, there are a lot more to plant in the next few weeks.

The new spinach seedlings are the following; baby spinach, fordhook giant, canary yellow and giant noble. Next week we will be planting more spinach outside the greenhouse.

We have about 50 potato sprouts. We will be planting all of them. We have decided that we are going to build a bedding with bricks. As the potatoes grow we can add soil over them and add more bricks, then when it's time to harvest we can remove the bricks  easily.
This is our first bedding we've built in there, we have 18 potato plants. Each plant carries about 4-10 potatoes. We will be building more bedding's for the other potatoes next week. We have to fill the soil up every 2-3 day as the plants grow.

In this week Sam also fixed some of the garden boxes. The wood that was used to build these boxes came loose and broke, so she had to replace the missing pieces.

We've also spent a few days folding small seedling boxes and getting all the seeds ready that we want to plant. At the end we will have about 4000 seedlings.

That's it for this weeks garden blog. Next week we will start planting more plants out side of the greenhouse.

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