Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Blog update_with Cass

Hey Guys.

Welcome back to my blog.
If this is your first time reading my blog.
Welcome to my blog.

I am Cass.

This blog is going to be an update blog. There are a few things that has changed. I will be writing about the content, you guys can expect my future plans and all of those things.

First of all I just want to say...
Thank you to each and everyone that has taken the time to read my blogs, and those who have taken the time to leave a comment. I really do appreciate it.

I started my blog with the intentions to share, my daily journey to my goals in life. I started blogging in Nov 2019, and have enjoyed every moment of it. In the last 8 months of blogging my life has changed so much. I didn't always have the time to blog about it. Here are some of the main things that happened.

My parents has a huge piece of property which they are slowly but surely turning into a homesteady. 5 months ago we moved there as a family and started the journey. But the last month it has only been me and my best friend Sam. So about a week ago because of safety and personal reasons we moved back to the city. I am not sure for how long we will be staying in the city for. We will still still be spending weekends there as a family.

Now that you are all catched up on our living situation, let's  talk about my future plans.

I've always wanted a big piece of property with a big house. So that I can rescue animals and have space to keep them. I just want to give animals a second chance in life. I always wanted the big piece of property, to plant fruit trees and all different kinds of trees and to have a huge vegetable garden. Self-sufficiency is a very big goal for me having a vegetable garden is one step closer, and I wanted to share these journeys with you guys.

My blogging content.

I consider myself somewhere between a personal and a lifestyle blogger. At the moment I only post 1-3 blogs a week. I'm still working on being consistent with my uploading scheduled. Everyday of the week has a different type of blog. This is more or less what my blog scheduled looks like.

Monday's are fitness blogs

Every Monday I will be uploading a fitness blog. All of the Monday blogs will most likely have workout routines in them. These blogs are my personal experiences and journey with fitness. I am not a professional in fitness. I am only sharing what I am learning with you guys. So if your looking for something new go check out my Monday posts.

Tuesday's are fun random blogs

On Tuesday's you can expect different types of blogs such as; TV - series blogs, Quote blogs, Day in the life, Topic blogs or more personal types of blogs. These blogs will be uploaded every week or every second week.

Wednesday's are food blogs

Cooking and baking is a big part of my daily life. On Wednesday's I will be uploading recipes and one of my blog series called 'The wonders of food' will also be uploaded, every 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the week. Come and join me every Wednesday for a new food blog.

Thursday's are Cass's star plate

Cass's star plate will be uploaded every 2nd or 3rd Thursday. This is a blog series that I have been working really hard on. In this series you will find 3-5 different types of food dishes. In each blog I will be sharing tips, tricks and a lot more of each dish.

Friday's are self-sufficient and homesteady blog

When we go and stay at our homesteady for a weekend or so, I will write a blog about it. I still have a few homesteady blogs which will be uploaded on Friday's, as well as the blogs I am doing for our start to a self-sufficient garden in the city.

There you have it. This is more or less what you can expect from my blog.


YouTube is not off the table. I am going to start making collage videos just to get use to the video making process. I truly feel youtube is not that easy and you need to be confident enough to  make video's. One day I really hope that I would be able to do daily vlogs, but for now montage video's will work.

You guys can go and check out my social media accounts at:

Twitter - @dailywithcass
Instagram - @dailywithcass
Pintrest - beyondtyedailywithcass
YouTube - beyond the daily video's with Cass

That is it for my update blog.

Thank you for reading my blog post.
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My next blog post will be on the 23rd
of July

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Love Cass❤

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