Thursday, June 4, 2020

Homemade HoneyComb_With Cass

Hey Guys

Welcome back to my blog. 
If this is your first time reading my blog. 
Welcome to the blog. 

I am Cass, 

As you saw by the blog post name we will be making Homemade Honeycomb!!!. 

This blog has a lot of photos. If you're like me seeing step by step photo's helps to know that you are doing it right. 

It is quite easy to make Honeycomb, sit back or stand back and enjoy this blog. 

Everything you will need is :

▪︎ A pot 
▪︎ A baking pan 
▪︎ Tin Foil
▪︎ Cook n spry 
▪︎ Wooden spoon 
▪︎ 4 Tablespoons Golden syrup 
▪︎ 200g brown sugar 
▪︎ 3 Teaspoons bicarbonate of soda 

Let's start baking. 

1. Pour the 4 tablespoons of Golden syrup and 200g of brown sugar in the pot. 
2. Mix the Golden syrup and brown sugar together.
3. keep mixing the mixture until it is fully dissolved.
4. Once the mixture is dissolved you can add the 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda.
5. Once you start adding the bicarbonate of soda you need to keep on mixing.The mixture will start to
double in size.
6. When everything is all mixed together you can pour it into the baking pan that is covered in the tin
7. I let the mixture stand overnight to make sure it is fully set.

Step by Step photos

And there you go you have honeycomb. 

There will be more tips and tricks in my blogs post called Cass's star plat. 

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protajay said...

Great insight, loved it!

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hey Protajay

Thank you

ThatUnknownBlogger said...

This is great. Thanks for sharing! :)

Luke Slater said...

This sounds delicious the pictures of the honey omg it’s making my mouth water, I am definitely going to give this a go as it looks completely gorgeous

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hey Luke Slater

Thanks for taking take to read my blog

I really hope you try it

Love Cass

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