Friday, May 22, 2020

Our Homesteady _With Cass

Hey guys 

Welcome to my blog
If this is your first time reading my blog
Welcome to my blog

There has been a lot that happend sins I first
started blogging. The most exciting thing that
happend is that we have officially moved.

For us as a family we really wanted to have
a big piece of land. Were we could plant fruit
trees, grow our own veggies and fruits. We
also want to have livestock. At the end we want
to achieve our goal as a family to become a
homesteady family

If you are not familiar with homesteady,

Homesteady is a house or farmhouse and the
surrounding land that is owned by the family
the land is used for crops and livestock.
Everything on the land is used to provide the
family with food. The livestock is not the
families pets

In this blog I will be going more in-detail about
our homesteady and what we are busy doing
I am not sure if I will be able to get everything
into one blog, but I will be doing more homesteady
update blogs as we continue living our journey
as a new homesteady family.

At the moment we are not even close to being
50% or even 30% self-sufficient. I know we still
have a long way to go. I truly think it is not easy
to become fully self-sufficient. The closer we can
get to become fully self-sufficient the better.

Let's start with our fruits and veggies

Our property does not have a lot of trees. That
gave us more reason to plant a lot of fruit trees.

It was better to plant fruit trees than normal shade
trees. The fruit trees will give us fruits and shade
all in one. We have 27 fruit trees all together. In the
near future we will be planting more trees. All of our
trees are Heirloom and GMO free. We are going to
use our trees for fruit, all the extra fruits we have
we are going to bottle them like homemade Jam,
bottled fruit almost like the canned fruit you can
buy at the shop but just homemade, once we start
trimming the trees we are going to use the trimmings 
for fire. Our property is built on a down hill the
trees will also help with the erosion.

Here is a list of the trees we have :

▪︎Peach trees
▪︎Plum trees
▪︎Apple trees
▪︎Fig trees
▪︎Pear trees
▪︎Tomato trees
▪︎Avocado trees
▪︎Pomegranate trees

We also have a olive tree and a bay leaf

At the end of the blog i will add lots of

We also have a strawberry plant and
there is a Granadilla (Passion fruit)
creeper. We will also be planting some
berry bushes. 

Our Vegetables.

We have one Vegetable garden that is
fenced off with a gate. The reason for
that is to keep our animals out, because
they will eat it all. This veggie garden is
our home garden also known as my garden

In this garden I have planted all the vegetables
we use a lot like spinach, beans (bush beans,
fa-fa beans, sugar beans ), beetroot, radish,
kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, there is
a lot more. I will do a blog about all the

In my garden I also have a section were
all of the herbs will be planted in gardening
pots. We have lettuce , potatoes, tomatoes,
onions, chives and a few other plants
growing in pots as well.

The vegetables that are planted in my little
garden is only enough for a month or two
some of the veggies will continue to grow
when you harvest them like the spinach
and beans, the other plants are only one 
veggie per plant.

We plowed a piece of our land to plant
some more vegetables. We would have
about 3-4 months worth of veggies, 2020
is our first year we have officially started
planting in big quantities.

All of our veggies [vegetable seeds are
GMO free and heirloom]. Most of our
veggies are winter veggies.


Part of being homesteady is having
your own livestock. The livestock will
be slaughtered. It is all part of
self - sufficiency as well.

Our livestock consists of goats,
chickens Muscovy's and geese.
We do not have a lot of livestock at
the moment. We still have a few
different types of livestock we want to
get. Which will happen over time.

Here is a quick summary of what we
can use the livestock for.


For now we only have our chickens
for laying eggs. We only have a few
hens and only one rooster. We
want them to breed so we can
have some new chicks.


We are going to slaughter them
for meat. I have heard of a few
people that are struggling to
hatch eggs successfully. Lucky
enough for us we had 14
ducklings at once. Who knew
that we would be able to slaughter
them this quickly.


We do not really have a plan for
them at the moment. We are
struggling to get hatch-lings.
Geese are really good "guard
dogs" they are super at alerting
us during the night and even
during the day.


We have Cameroon goats. We
have slaughtered some of them
before. When the doe [female]
becomes pregnant and gives
birth to a buck [male], we slaughter
the buck. The buck's tend to fight
a lot. That is why we only slaughter
the buck's.

That is all for our veggies, fruit and
livestock. In the future I will do a
more in detail blog about everything.

Our home

Most people that are homesteading
make use of solar panels. That is
their main source of power.

We are slowly but surely getting
everything that we need. We do
have some solar panels already.

But at this moment we still make
use of a generator. We start it up
every 3-4 days to charge all of
our electronics. Our lights are
connected to a small inverter system,
which is connected to batteries that
gets charged by a charger but only
when the generator is on.

We have made our own washing
machine out of a 210 L drum. We
use a cole stove and a gas plate to
cook on. We also have a home made
geyser that we start up with some
wood and later on keep alive with
some cole, so that you can shower
the whole day and even the next

That is more or less our homesteady
start. I will write more updates as we
go along.

Here are some photo's of everything.

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Love Cass❤


Kelly~Diane said...

This was such an interesting post to read. I can't wait to hear more about your journey in homesteading. Good luck!

Jana Hayes said...

Hi Cass! My name is Jana , I'm from New Zealand. I loved reading your blog and look forward to an update! How long have you had your homesteady for? It's interesting that you call it that!

I hope you and your family are well land you have alot of successes in your farm life

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hi Jana

We have our property for almost 3 years.
Our Homesteady journey has officially started 4 months ago. 
We still have a long why to go 

Thank you so much for you support

Love Cass

Beyond the daily blogs with Cass said...

Hi Kelly 

I am so happy to hear that you hear enjoyed reading my blog post. 

I cant wait to share more blog about our homesteady

Love Cass

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