Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cass's star plate Announcement

Hey guys, 

Welcome back to my blog. 
If this is your first time reading my blog. 
Welcome to the blog. 

This is going to be a quick and short blog,
I just couldn't wait to share the exciting news!

I am excited to share that I will be starting 
another blog post series called, Cass's star 
plate. If food sparks joy in you, then this blog 
is for you!! I will be talking about food, there 
is alot of things to say about food and to talk
about in general. I am a huge foodie, everything
about food just speaks to my soul. I am always
ready to try new recipes. I am going to share 
my food journey with you. 

My Schedule.

I will be uploading Cass's star plate every other
week on Thursdays. 
I will still be doing my Wednesday food blogs
those blogs will be recipes and The wonders of 
food series. 

What you can expect in Cass's star plate.  

In each of these blogs there will be a breakfast,
lunch and a dinner idee. I will also be adding a
snack idee and of course something sweet. All 
of the meals that are going to be posted in these
blogs I have made before, everything I write 
about them will be my honest opinion. I am going 
to share my personal cooking and baking tips. 
There will be some fun facts and ingredient
options. I am certain that there will be something
of everyone. I will also be diving into our family
recipe book. And sharing some family recipes and 

Thank you for reading my blog post.
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Here are some of my other blog link

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My next blog post will be on the 1st 
of June

Also make sure you follow me on
my social media accounts
Twitter @dailywithcass
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Love Cass❤

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Kelly~Diane said...

This is great news. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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