Monday, March 30, 2020

Twitter for beginner blogger With_Cass

Hey guys

Welcome back to my blog
If this is your first time reading my blog
Welcome to the blog

I am Cass

Twitter for beginner bloggers

When you start blogging social
media is a must. There are a lot
of social media platforms like
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
Tumblr, Pinterest etc. I will do
another blog post on why social
media is so important

In this blog post I will only be
focusing on Twitter. I have been
blogging for 5 months now and
I've been using Twitter the most.

To be honest I didn't think that I
would use twitter , because social
media is such a big part of blogging
I decided to give twitter a chance
and I can truly say that it is the best
decision I have made.

If you are not familiar with twitter.
Twitter is an online news and social networking site, where people can communicate in short messages
called tweets. You can post your tweet
on your timeline were the people that
are following you ( your followers) will
be able to see them.

The first thing you will need to do is
create your profile photo and cover
photo. I used the logo that I've created
for my blog as my profile photo. I made
a cover photo that I plan on using for the
next year. Personally for me a profile
photo wasn't that important as long as
you have some kind of photo on. Make
sure that you have your blog name
on one of the photos, this will help
that your followers can see the name
of your blog.
Your profile photo size : 400 × 400 pixels
Your cover photo size : 1500 pixel wide by 500 pixel tall

When you are done uploading
your profile photo and cover
photo you will need to do the
following on your profile.

Name : You can use your name or
              the name you have chosen
              for your blog.

Bio : Your bio gives a short intro. You
          can put a short description about
          your blog or yourself so that your                          followers can see.

Location : Please note that this doesn't
                  mean you must put your fisical                              location, please do not do that.
                  This location means you can put
                  you state or the land you live in
                  as an location. This is also optional.

Website : You can add the link to your blog
                 or website.

Date of birth : This is also optional.

Ones your profile is complete you can start using twitter.

Here are some of the important things
to know and to do when you are
using twitter.

You will need to start building your
followers and sharing your blog
links. Twitter has an option were
you can search in the search option
you can type in "blog retweets , daily
blog shares" there are a lot of results
that will come up once you search that.
You can start to follow some of those    accounts that you see, the people
that created those accounts share
daily "daily blog threads " where you
can post a link to your blog in the
comments. These blog threads are there
to help you build your followers and
that the blog threads help that more
people see your blog.

Consictinsy is really important. You need
to interact with your followers you need
to post daily tweets, ask your followers questions, Talk about future blog posts,
you want to do and share photos of your
day. Keep your tweets flowing.

Hashtags are frequently used in tweets. Hashtags are created by putting the
hashtag simble (#) before any keyword.
This creates a type of link, when someone clicks on a hashtag all the tweets with that hashtag will appear in the search results,
you can use as many hashtags as you like
as long as it is in the limit of words you are allowed to use in a tweet.

On twitter there are a lot of different
ways to tweet and to create your tweets.
Some people use a lot of photos and
other people use the gif option and then
there are people that just do normal tweets with no photos or gifs. How you tweet
is all up to you.

When you are a blogger taking photos are
a big part of your blog. Original content is
the best content. You can use the photos on your tweets as well.

For me it was really important to interact which my followers. You can also do it
this will show that you are friendly. When
you post your blog links in comments you
can like onther peoples comments aswell. When you read onther blogs comment and
like on there blogs as well. This will show kindness and people will also see your blog.

Twitter is there to have fun and to share
your story and your blog with everyone.

I will be doing a blog post about different hashtags.

Thank you for reading my blog post.
If you enjoyed this post, please
share it with family and friends.
And follow my blog.

Also make sure you follow me on
my social media accounts
Twitter @dailywithcass
Instagram @dailywithcass

Love Cass❤


Tabitha said...

I love using Twitter to share my blog posts as well. It’s important to use all social media platforms to get your blog out there.

Castlesandturrets said...

I've had social media for a while and I'm still trying to figure it out haha! But I have found that Twitter is a great way to share posts and connect with other bloggers. Great post - thanks for sharing x

Retirestyle Travel said...

I just started using Twitter a few months ago and this would have been helpful at the time. Good information. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog and I found it very useful. I am not a blogger and being on the older side of 30 I am lost when kids ask for social media. My son is 12 and been asking if he can have it. I feel bad saying no just because it is me who don't understand it. But after reading this blog.. well I am willing to give it a try.

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