Sunday, February 2, 2020

Arm Exercises

Hey guys.

Welcome back to my blog.
If this is your first time reading my blog.
Welcome to the blog.
I am Cass.

Before I start, I just want to say that
I am not a professional in fitness. I am
sharing my journey with you and all of
the different things I learn.

Here are 10 different arm exercises
that will help tone and strengthen
your muscles.

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blogs that you can follow.

Benefits of Arm Exercises.

1. Muscle tone burns more calories 
than fat.

Toned arms can help you achieve
weight loss. Arm exercises are also
fantastic ways to strengthen and tone
your core as your ab muscles engage
when you perform the repetitions.

2. Stronger arms makes it easier to perform
 everyday activities.

Whether your carrying shopping bags,
doing laundry, driving or even picking
up your kids, daily living is a little bit
easier when you've got stronger arms.

3. Arm exercises is one of the most 
flexible types of training.

You can tone your arms with little
or no equipment whether your on
holiday, at the gym or even in the
comfort of your own home. Toned
arms can make you feel more
confident and encourage you to
wear tops that shows off your muscles.

12 Arm exercises

Plank top
Side plank
Forearm plank reach out
Plank up-down
Push up
Incline push-up
Lateral plank walk
Triceps box dip
Basketball shots
Shoulder press
Tricep extensions
Single leg tricep dips

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