Monday, January 20, 2020

Upper and Lower ab exercises

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Welcome to the blog.
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Before I start, I just want to say that I am not a
professional in fitness training. I am simply sharing
my journey with you, and all of the different things
I learn.

Here are some benefits of ab workouts.

A better performance in your sports and activities.

All sports and activities require balance, stability
and center physique. All ab workouts target your
muscles and provide you with a center physique
while performing your activities.

A better ability to carry weight.

Ab exercises provide strength to carry weight.
If you do your ab workouts you are a better
candidate to lift heavy or heavier weights without
causing damage to your spine. Because your
workouts toughen the torso and helps to produce
a stable base of lifting.

Minimizing lower back pain.

Lower back pain the problem affecting us all. If
your ab muscles are weak it increases lower
back pain. If these muscles are not exercised they
become stiff in the joint areas and may lead to
chronic back pain. Ab exercises target your back
muscles and the spine, which makes them more
flexible and looser, reducing lower back pain.
Ways to improve body posture; walking, standing
or sitting, reduces the development of back pain
related with poor posture.

Not just for the 6 pack look.

Ab muscles play a huge role in posture, support
of the spine, balance, stability and respiratory
function eg; breathing. It also has benefits when
you build up your muscles, like - reduced back
pain, improved balance and stability and potentially
assistance with breathing.

Upper abs

- Dumbbell crunch
- Tuck and crunch
- Modified V-sit
- Crunch
- High crunches
- sit ups
- knee crunch
- Hundreds

Lower abs

- Spider plank
- V - up
- bicycle
- Mountain climber
- scissores
- Leg raises
- crunch kicks
- bicycle crunches

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Sarah Mark said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post! I had no idea that ab exercises meant that you had a better ability to carry weight!

When 2 become 5 said...

I am loving all the fitness posts recently, I’ve found some really great information. I’ll be giving these a go.

Thank you x

Angel Ro said...

Good initiative, I think you must add more pictures to make sure your message is rightly followed..

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