Monday, January 27, 2020

Leg exercises

Hey guys

Welcome back to my blog.
If this is your first time read my blog.
Welcome to the blog.
I am Cass.

I am back with another fitness blog.

The next few blogs will be a lay out of all
the diffrent exercise , We can do and what
they are helping us with.

Today we will be doing leg exercises.
I made a list of 10 exercise that you can
do to help built and tone your legs

Before I start I just want to say I am 
not a professional in fitness . I am sharing 
my journey with you and all of the diffrent 
things I learn

Benefits of leg exercises

1. Better running performance

Well-trained leg muscles not only gives you
a strong back and core , but they also provide
you with the stability you need for good running
form. A strong lower body will help you in a lot
of a activities and sports

2. Increased strength

A lot of leg exercises are compound movements.
Squats engage your quads , hamstrings, glutes ,
inner and outer thighs , they also activate your core

3. Helps you lose weight

Leg muscles are the biggest muscle group in
your body. The more you train them, the more
energy is needed to move them. Bit it's not just
strong leg muscles that helps you lose weight,
 but the leg training itself: life most strength training,
a leg workout also generates a big afterburners effect.

10 leg exercises

Plank leg lifts
Stability ball knee tucks
Box jumping
Speedstaker jumps
Leg raises
Split Squats
Standing leg raises

Last week we did upper and lower abs if you missed
it go and have a look

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Bumbles said...

That looks like a good workout do you have any links to how you do each move correctly?

Unknown said...

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