Monday, December 23, 2019

Holiday seasons health tips

Hey guys

Welcome back to my blog
If this is your first time reading my blog 
Welcome to the blog

In this blog I will be sharing 
my tips on staying fit in December.

For me it is a struggle on it's 
own to stay fit and eat healthy in 
this time of year. Its Thanksgiving 
dinner, Christmas dinner, sweets, 
cookies, everything you can think 
of and more.

I know we always beat our self's 
up during this time. We are always 
trying to eat less, drink more water, 
going for walks doing workouts and 
we forget that this time only comes 
ones a year. There is 11 other months 
you can use to focus on your diet, 
going for walks and doing workouts. 
Enjoy this time.

The first thing I do is to make 
sure I get between 4500-5000 
steps in per day. I do that just to 
make sure that I move around.

The second thing I do is I drink about 
750ml - 1.5 L water a day. I really do like 
drink water so that is not a problem for 
me. I know there is some of you that 
struggle. Just start small drink one glass 
of water in the morning and one at night.

The third thing is all about eating. What 
I do is I eat smaller portions of my food. 
It seems like a normal thing to do but, 
when you think of it like this when you 
eat more types of food eating smaller 
portions won't actually be that you are 
eating more, those extra food will just 
be replacing the portions that was 
taken away.

If you want to you can also do 1 or 
2 workouts a week. I do a 2min warmup 
exercise about 3 times a week. I will 
share the routines in this blog.

2min warmup exercise
(10 sec each)

Hop on the spot
Side to side hops single leg
Wide arm circles
Chest expansions
Torso rotation
Hop on the spot
Side to side hops single leg
Shoulder rotation
Toe touches
Tricep stretch
Hop on the spot
Side to side hops single Leg

I really hope that these tips help you.

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