Friday, November 8, 2019

Stationery DIY project


Welcome back to my blog.

I did my first DIY project, I am really
happy with the way my project turned out.
I organized all of my stationery it was
quite difficult at first I wasn't sure
how I would get everything organized in one place.

I went onto pinterest and I just started
looking for ideas, there were a few
different options. I wanted to design it
in a way that it would be easy to move
with me to a different room in the house.

I chose to do it in a shoe box. I tried
different ways to organize all of my
stationery in the box. I did not want
to get it all mixed up inside the box, so I
made two main compartments, one
in the bottom half and one in the top half.

I got all the things I needed to do the project.
(I will add a list at the end). In the
bottom of the box I started measuring the
length of a pen that would fit into
the box, there are seven smaller
compartments in the bottom half of the box.

I used thick cardboard to make the
separation between each compartment,
I then glued them together with normal glue.

(Photo: The bottom compartments )

After the glue was dry I measured the
sides of the box, because I wanted to
make the top compartment fit perfectly inside.
The idea here was so that the top compartment
can lift up, so that it would be easy to access
the bottom of the box.

I built the top compartments all out of the
same cardboard as the bottom. There
are two individual compartments in the
top half, both of them have smaller
compartments inside. The one side has
five smaller compartments as the other only has two.

To finish the DIY project off, I wrapped
the box with wrapping paper, on the inside
of the box, I painted it black with small pink and white stripes.

(Photo: The top compartments )

Here is a small list of what I used
✩ A shoe box
✩ Cardboard
✩ Paint
✩ Wrapping paper
✩ Glue

Thank you for reading my blog.
Please share it with a friend.

Love, Cass❤

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